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0002406GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2022-12-30 21:47
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Summary0002406: Sound after some operation
DescriptionThe program could make a sound or sound an alert when a longer operation is completed. Especially when running in the background. A checkbox option could be somewhere in the menu + user selectable sound (e.g. mp3, wav, ogg).



2022-12-24 15:46

reporter   ~0004294

I agree, for some long running operations, specially if there are many files in the folder or sub-folders, this could be very helpful.


2022-12-24 16:23

reporter   ~0004295

Excellent idea.
May have the choice: sound, pop up, both, etc.


2022-12-24 16:46

reporter   ~0004296

Notification when finished is one thing. More important however, would be warning when a long wait can be expected. If you have a folder with 10 images, almost every operation ends quickly, but for larger folders it can take quite a long time. When saving the changes to disk, you can see the progress bar (and yes, here it makes much sense to ring the bell when finished), but playing with filtering, specially including sub-folders, I noticed you can see a blank screen for quite a while, which could give the impression, the program stopped working.


2022-12-24 16:54

reporter   ~0004297

I was mainly concerned with sound when completing writes to files. E.g. when finishing ExifTool. Today it took me over 15 minutes to write the data, so I kept peeking to see when it would finish.


2022-12-30 21:47

reporter   ~0004319

But e.g. when I used search (by filters), the last search took over an hour, so an audio alert would be ideal for this kind of thing. With the huge number of files, this really needs to be added to the program.

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