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0002421GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2023-01-12 20:50
ReporterWilfriedB Assigned To 
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PlatformThinkPadOSWindows 10OS Version22H2 Build 19045
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Summary0002421: FYI: BETA 4.0.11 released on 06.01.23
DescriptionJust for you information only:
Starting GeoSetter BETA 4.0.4 this afternoon, I got the notification for a new BETA version to be available at
I downloaded, but did not try it yet.
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2023-01-07 14:28

reporter   ~0004328

Bad luck. BETA 4.0.11 consistently crashes. See


2023-01-07 15:15

reporter   ~0004330

FYI: @Friedemann just did replace the version on the download server with BETA 4.0.12 Build 2134, which does start fine for me.


2023-01-07 15:53

reporter   ~0004331

There is also version 4.0.12


2023-01-07 19:00

reporter   ~0004333

What is new in 4.0.12?
- The first difference, I noticed in 4.0.12 were bigger Toolbar Icons, compared to 4.0.4.
- A new option "Large Toolbar Icons" can be found under Settings->Shortcuts/Toolbar. by default, it is selected. Not sure, the option was there under 4.0.4, but it definitely was not in 3.5.3
- If you open several folders without closing GeoSetter, you will see all tracks stored in those folders - not only those in the currently open folder. Not sure, whether this is a bug or a feature, but it did not happen in 3.5.3 (don't know if this was already the case in 4.0.4, though)


2023-01-09 10:29

reporter   ~0004340

Meanwhile 4.0.13 Build 2135 can be downloaded.
The only difference, I notices so far:
The "cumulating tracks" I described comment 0004333 don't show up any more. I.e. behaving again like in version 3 and before.


2023-01-09 12:35

reporter   ~0004342

I haven't been here in a while. I was under the impression that version 4.0.4 was the last version of the program. :( Searching for updates through the program doesn't seem to work, even though I have search turned on for the beta. I now have 4.0.13, 2135 and it seems to be running fine. I didn't like the big icons, but fortunately it can be turned off. Also the dark theme runs under Windows 7.


2023-01-12 09:06

reporter   ~0004346

Since this morning version 4.0.15 vom 12.01.2023 can be downloaded. Except for the fact, I needed to convince Windows 10 and Norton 360 that the program is "safe", installation worked fine and I was able to start it multiple times. So far, I don't know, what changed and did not try much yet.
@ThunderBoy, I always did receive a notification immediately for new Beta versions when I start the Beta or even 3.5.3. Possibly a setting? I did not check for that yet.


2023-01-12 09:09

reporter   ~0004347

P.S. Forgot to mention: Version 4.0.15 (Build 2139 - BETA)


2023-01-12 09:28

reporter   ~0004349

In 4.0.15 Beta seems to be solved, issue 0002386: Add orientation to selected images ( )


2023-01-12 12:17

reporter   ~0004353

@WilfriedB I don't think the search for new versions of the program works in any of the beta versions. I have version 4.0.13 and supposedly a newer version is not available. I'm going to look for a newer version because I "accidentally" ran into another problem.


2023-01-12 20:04

developer   ~0004365

The current beta version (4.0.15) was found for me. GeoSetter automatically checks for a new version (also beta version) only once a day. Maybe this is the problem.


2023-01-12 20:13

reporter   ~0004367

GeoSetter saves the last search in the file "config.ini" :

LastAutocheckForUpdate=2023-01-12 14:11:28


2023-01-12 20:50

reporter   ~0004368

If you "erased" these values, GeoSettre will do a new search (to be done if you are comfortable modifying the file)


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