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0002428GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2023-01-10 06:48
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Summary0002428: 4.0.13 Beta Zoom to selected Track
DescriptionRight-clicking on a selected track shows no reaction. The track remains outside the displayed map area. The map is not set to the track area.
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2023-01-09 11:29


Geosetter Track.jpg (482,863 bytes)


2023-01-09 12:34

reporter   ~0004341

@roscoe just to clarify: you mean right clicking one line in the list of tracks, correct?
I can confirm, in 3.5.3 (Build 2195) "Zoom to selected Tracks" shows on the map that track (or more tracks, if selected with Ctrl pressed) and if the check mark was not set before, it will be set.
In 4.0.13 (Build 2135) indeed nothing happens


2023-01-09 15:04

reporter   ~0004344

@WilfiedB yes, that's what I mean. Also double-click on a track used to move the map to the track before.


2023-01-10 06:48

reporter   ~0004345

Me too. From the Map Log, "coordinates" parameter seems to be vacant. It is not sent to the zoom procedure/function?
MapLog: GSM.zoomObjects({"markers": false, "coordinates": [], "tracks": ["1"]});

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