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0002429GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2023-01-17 21:26
ReporterThunderBoy Assigned Toheiko  
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Summary0002429: 4.0.13 - Error when renaming a selected file (key F2)
DescriptionWhen I select an image and want to rename it, it throws an error. After pressing on continue it already opens the necessary window to rename.
Steps To ReproduceFile > Rename or via the F2 key.
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2023-01-09 14:58

reporter   ~0004343

Same here:
exception class : EAssertionFailed
exception message : Category doesn't exist (C:\source\Delphi_7\Projekte\GeoSetter\ImageDataFields.pas, Zeile 387)

However, I just tried rename under 3.5.3 and got an exception too ( exception class : EOutOfResources, exception message : Zur Verarbeitung dieses Befehls sind nicht genügend Speicherressourcen verfügbar.)

Anyway, if I remember correctly, the rename dialog is new too ....?


2023-01-14 19:23

reporter   ~0004381

I confirm the reporte behavour and exception raised. F2 was workin perfect in previous beta versions.
A consquence of the error is that the rename settings used in the previous rename operation (such as using "filename" as part of the reulting file name) are not retained: the default is restored.
Btw, if send error report is selected, then niether F2 nor the rename menu item have any affect anymore...


2023-01-15 19:28

reporter   ~0004392

Problem disappeared with BETA V4.0.19
F2/rename work fine and previous rename settings are retained
Great Friedemann!


2023-01-16 22:12

developer   ~0004400

@zava: can I close this issue?


2023-01-17 17:26

reporter   ~0004401

@heiko Are you kidding? First it works and in the newer version it doesn't or vice versa. You have to give it some time. Right now it works, but time is a relative term at this time. In the latest version (4.0.19) it works (but for how long). As long as it works nonstop, it's not a problem.


2023-01-17 17:29

reporter   ~0004402

In my case, it works with version 4.0.21 and 4.0.22!


2023-01-17 21:25

developer   ~0004403

@ThunderBoy: No, I'm not kidding! Even in version 4.0.24 everything works fine. The error is currently fixed and so I think that the issue can be closed. If the error occurs again, then you can open the issue again!

How is Friedemann supposed to keep track of things if solved issues are not closed?


2023-01-17 21:26

developer   ~0004404

works in version 4.0.24

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