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0002433GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2023-01-15 21:25
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Summary0002433: Version 4.0.15 - Custom Objects
DescriptionSince version 4.0.12, "Custom Objects" are no longer displayed
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2023-01-12 14:33

reporter   ~0004356

Works with version 4.0.15 but not with version 4.0.13 (I had forgotten to modify the url in the parameters)
@heiko: you can close this query


2023-01-12 15:13

reporter   ~0004360

Also, I only noticed today, when I was putting 4.0.15, that Custom objects disappeared in my previous version. But again the problem is that it doesn't remember the last setting. I have it enabled and after a reboot it is disabled. In version 4.0.4 it worked fine.


2023-01-12 20:09

developer   ~0004366

@xyzzy: I'll leave this issue open for now, because the settings from ThunderBoy will not be saved.


2023-01-15 06:28

reporter   ~0004385

@ThunderBoy: Can you tell me what you are doing (the steps) because on my side with version 4.0.4 @ 4.0.15, I don't have the same effects as you have.


2023-01-15 15:12

reporter   ~0004387

In my environment, on startup:
- Version 4.0.4 displays custom objects
- Versions 4.0.15 and 4.0.19 do not display them
  If I reverse the display, no version remembers my last choice on restart i.e 4.0.4 displays them and 4.0.15/19 does not display them


2023-01-15 21:25

reporter   ~0004395

I don't have version 4.0.4 here anymore. In 4.0.19 it is disabled after restarting the program. Thus, it still doesn't work (it doesn't remember the last setting). I have to manually activate it again for it to show up.

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