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0002445GeoSetterImage Datapublic2023-01-25 23:03
ReporterGrahamYSA Assigned To 
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Product Version3.5.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002445: Set current values for all selected images
DescriptionThis option in the edit window is not working for me, my workflow is:
Open a folder of images
Select a number of images
Open Edit window
Change Date Taken on first image
Tick Get from Taken Date under Created Date (image filenames all in bold in Edit window file list)
Click Set Current Values For All Selected Images
Tried Changed and All
Click OK
All filenames below first image name are unbolded, no changes are made

I am obviously doing something wrong!

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related to 0002454 assignedFriedemann Version 4.0.24 (Build 2155) Image 'Taken Date' not setting when updating multiple images 



2023-01-15 00:16


1-Selectfiles.jpg (258,830 bytes)
1-Selectfiles.jpg (258,830 bytes)
2-FirstImageEdited.jpg (397,741 bytes)
3-OptionsWindow.jpg (103,697 bytes)
3-OptionsWindow.jpg (103,697 bytes)
4-AfterOK.jpg (133,441 bytes)
4-AfterOK.jpg (133,441 bytes)


2023-01-15 04:47

reporter   ~0004383

Have you tried unchecking the "Timezone only" box?


2023-01-25 22:48

reporter   ~0004451

Thanks xyzzy, that did the trick but only after I changed the details on the first file and saved them.


2023-01-25 22:52

reporter   ~0004452

@GrahamYSA: See 2454, similar issue

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