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0002457GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2023-02-24 23:30
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Summary0002457: Program freezes and crashes when saving changes to a large number of files - Probably all versions
DescriptionI embarked on a big change in my huge portfolio of photographs. I emailed my manager about this problem between the holidays. The program is having a lot of trouble saving large amounts of files. Above 1500 files, the program is almost unusable. It overloads the processor and freezes all the time. Version 4.0.31 throws error messages every now and then (I am attaching some to the archive). Even after the error message is thrown, the program continues to run. There would be no need to even click on Continue Application. Data is continuously saved to the files even during the freeze. When the program recovers a bit, the error message disappears by itself and reappears again after a while. Again .... and again. It is not a problem to prepare the files beforehand, but as soon as I save the changes to the files, the program immediately starts freezing. The more files, the worse it gets. I tried it at first with about 9000 files. That program froze completely and the processor was in hell. I only worked in Flat mode, as that is the only place to work with a lot of subfolders and files in them. There were various changes in the files, e.g. changes: GPS location, contact, artist ... It's very annoying to respond to error windows every now and then. I also have to reduce the amount of directories and files so that the program can still handle them. Making changes one directory at a time is again annoying and tedious. Easier and time saving is to do it in a larger one, but again the program can't handle that. In the meantime, as the program "works", I can attend to other things.
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2023-01-23 19:17


bugreport_pack.rar (24,935 bytes)


2023-01-23 19:40

developer   ~0004438

I've done a test with 1499 files and all is OK. There were no error messages and all works fine. Version is 4.0.31


2023-01-23 19:54

reporter   ~0004439

I forgot to write that the data is edited and written on a fast external 8TB disk. I haven't written to that many files on the local one yet. Also, these are only TIFF and Nikon RAW files (.NEF). Raw predominates.


2023-01-23 20:34

developer   ~0004440

I've done the same test with an external SSD. 1499 jpg files and 150 Sony RAW files. There were no errors and no problems. Perhaps Friedemann has TIFF and NEF files to reproduce this.


2023-02-24 23:30

reporter   ~0004652

Do you have any JPEG sidecar files? I'm guaranteed a crash if I have RAW+JPEG. I have my view filtered for non-raw to avoid this. I also can't working recursively on folders containing iPhone photos (HEIC) with JPEG sidecars even though Exiftool doesn't know about HEICs, and have to do this folder by folder.

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