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0002461GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2023-02-03 18:38
Reporterxyzzy Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Target VersionFixed in Version4.0.38 beta 
Summary0002461: Version4.0.33 - No warning of loss of changes
DescriptionIn the "Tracks" section, it is possible to make modifications to the "Track points", for example to delete some.

The "Save Changes" option is only accessible if there have been modifications.
On the other hand, if we close GeoSetter without having saved the modifications,
there are no messages indicating that we are going to lose them.
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2023-01-26 16:31


No Warning.jpg (306,107 bytes)


2023-01-26 20:41

reporter   ~0004455

@xyzzy same comment as for issue 2462:
 Just in case Friedemann cannot add this feature soon: I use RouteConverter for many sorts of manipulating GPX and other formats of track files:
I believe, both programs complement each other very well.


2023-01-26 21:43

developer   ~0004457

Friedemann knows that the warning messages are still missing and they will come.

I can agree with WilfriedB, Routeconverter is an excellent program when it comes to tracks.


2023-01-26 21:58

reporter   ~0004458

@heiko, WilfriedB: Thanks, I will look at it


2023-01-27 05:09

reporter   ~0004459

@WilfriedB: Are the files generated by GeoSetter (Export to GPX Trace File) compatible with RouteConverter?


2023-01-27 11:33

reporter   ~0004460

@xyzzy: Good question, since I always recorded my tracks on a logger or SmartPhone app (and if necessary change it with RouteConverter), than use GeoSetter to tag the photos, I never changed on or exported a track from GeoSetter. So I just tried to export a track and it cannot be read.

Although RouteConverter claims to be able to read and convert "all" Geo tracks, there are some exceptions with very old versions of GPX. In the past, I was able the slightly modify tracks, I recorded more than 10 years ago with a Wintec WBT 201, so RouteConverter can read them. I just looked into the GPX exported by GeoSetter. It says gpx version="1.0", which seems to be an even older version and might be incorrectly implemented. Probably another issue, Friedemann might have a look into.


2023-01-27 12:18

reporter   ~0004461

I just compared the GPX tracks exported by GeoSetter and RouteConverter. In the second line of GeoSetter's version is missing xmlns=""
The GPX file of GeoSetter has:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<gpx version="1.0" creator="GeoSetter -">
It can be read by RouteConverter (and probably other applications) by changing to:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<gpx xmlns="" version="1.0" creator="GeoSetter -">


2023-01-27 13:23

reporter   ~0004462

@WilfriedB: You are right: with this small modification, it works. Thanks


2023-01-27 18:15

developer   ~0004464

I have just explicitly pointed out this problem to Friedemann again (2464), as he is currently working on the tracks. I assume that he will fix this problem.


2023-01-27 20:39

reporter   ~0004465

If in the file generated by GeoSetter, I modify the header,
the file is readable by "RouteConverterWindows".

On the other hand, if in GeoSetter, I transform certain points into "WayPoint",
only these points are read in "RouteConverterWindows"


2023-01-28 07:26

reporter   ~0004473

@xyzzy reg.: "I transform certain points into "WayPoint", only these points are read in "RouteConverterWindows"

Are you sure? Unlike GeoSetter, RouteConverter cannot show Way points and tracks (or multiple tracks) concurrently on the same map. However, It is able to read GPX files with multiple "position lists" and you can select which position list you want to work on in the pull down at the upper right of the window (if there is more then one), Unfortunately, the way points (if any) are always shown first. (My screenshot shows an empty pull-down - I can search a better example - but I think it is clear<9


2023-01-28 09:22

reporter   ~0004476

@xyzzy just to make sure what I said before does work with way points created by Geosetter, I tried it out. Indeed the GPX contains two position lists: first displayed the one with way point(s) and than you can choose to select the track. Please see the screen shots.


2023-01-28 13:09

reporter   ~0004480

It's my mistake.
I know RouteConverter only recently: everything is there but on different lists.


2023-01-30 09:55

administrator   ~0004489

A warning will now be shown. For changed tracks in the same folder when cahnging the folder and for all other tracks when closing the program.


2023-02-01 14:21

reporter   ~0004498

4.0.38: An alert is displayed even if no modification is made.


2023-02-02 05:13

reporter   ~0004506

@Friedemann: You can close this issue; Works in 4.0.39

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