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0002474GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2023-03-02 10:14
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Summary0002474: Width of the "Name" column
DescriptionWould it be possible, when changing directories, to expand the "Name" column to the width of the longest directory name?
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2023-02-04 22:23


Column Width.jpg (103,040 bytes)
Column Width.jpg (103,040 bytes)


2023-02-04 23:40

reporter   ~0004527

Another possibility:
When selecting the different column names in "Adjust Columns and Caption...", keep the desired "width" for each (as much as possible)


2023-02-04 23:58

reporter   ~0004528

I also noticed that some columns automatically shorten or lengthen. For example, the Name column truncates. Especially after restarting the program. I too would be in favor if there was an option in the settings to automatically adjust the columns according to the longest filename.


2023-02-05 00:02

reporter   ~0004529

@ThunderBoy: Would it be better to be able to extend this possibility to all columns by specifying a minimum width?

Erik Krause

2023-02-28 22:29

reporter   ~0004695

Any column expands to maximum content width, if you double-click the separator.


2023-02-28 23:35

reporter   ~0004696

@Erik Krause: Thank you for this information


2023-03-01 10:11

reporter   ~0004697

Yes, that is the way too. But better would be the possibility of automatic adaptation according to the length of the content ... with the option to activate it in the program settings. What I mean is that it would automatically truncate or lengthen the columns without clicking.


2023-03-01 13:38

reporter   ~0004700

@ThunderBoy: I agree with you but until Friedemann finds a solution, it's an alternative solution

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