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0002479GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2023-02-24 17:23
Reporterzava Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Product Version4.0.41 beta 
Target VersionFixed in Version4.0.48 beta 
Summary0002479: Image direction no longer modifiable by dragging destination point
DescriptionIn previous versions, image direction was displayed by a purple cone along with a target spot and image direction could be modified by dragging the spot target. Apparently now the target is no longer displayed, so the only way of changing direction is by manually editing th enumerical angle value.
In some cases, the drag method was more handy.
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2023-02-08 14:24

reporter   ~0004557

@zava correct, since the first 4.0 beta this does not work, because the target position is identical to the position of the image. As a workaround, before adding the direction using the button, I search for the target position, copy latitude/longitude, edit the image's metadata and paste latitude/longitude, after doing so the angle degrees are calculated automatically. As I said in the other post, make the triangle visible, by clicking the "show image direction ..." button once or twice.


2023-02-09 15:44

reporter   ~0004559

Thank you WilfriedB for your workaround. Not too handy though... ;) Especially if you see your target on a map and it was very easy to drag accordingly without knowing coordinates. Hope the normal working will be restored.
Thank you!


2023-02-09 19:29

reporter   ~0004565

@WilfriedB: as I reported some time ago, the pink cone for changing the viewing direction is not displayed for an image that has a direction indication but no fixed target point. In this respect, the workaround is helpful, but only when fixed target points are specified. In version 3.xx, the pink cone (incl. direction ray) was always displayed even when a direction was specified without fixed target points. You could change the viewing direction directly by dragging with the mouse.
Thx, Stephan


2023-02-24 17:22

administrator   ~0004639

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I changed/fixed something now. But I'm not clear if this is ok for you.

Now, if the image file is focused, there's a edit point for the direction in the map in all cases. If there is a destination ccord already, then it will be shown there. If it isn't, the pont will be shown in the center of the cone.
If the image file is NOT focuses and it does not contain a destination coord, then still no point is show which can be moved. Ok? So you have to focus the image first in the file browser (or in the map).

BUT: Marker pins of photo files can be dragged in the map too, then you will be asked if you want to move the marker itself or if you want do add/change the destination of the image direction. Did you miss this maybe?

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