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0002483GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2023-02-13 19:58
Reporterxyzzy Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Summary0002483: Test new version
DescriptionImportant Note:
If you used version "A" of GeoSetter and there is a new version "B" you have installed,
I strongly suggest that you restart your PC before testing this version "B":
modifications may be made in one of GeoSetter's complementary "DLLs",
but the DLLs of version "A" may remain "loaded" which may affect the new modifications:

version "B" will still use the "DLLs" of version "A" which may affect testing.
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2023-02-12 13:39

administrator   ~0004593

But that's only a problem if GeoSetter is running when installing a new version, right? And the setup program is asking to restart, isn't it? I think that's normal behaviour. When ending GeoSetter befor installing new, now problems will occur...


2023-02-12 14:32

reporter   ~0004594

There is 1 DLL associated with Windows Explorer!

DLLs.jpg (58,082 bytes)
DLLs.jpg (58,082 bytes)


2023-02-12 15:22


DLL-1.jpg (97,086 bytes)
DLL-1.jpg (97,086 bytes)
DLL-2.jpg (61,933 bytes)
DLL-2.jpg (61,933 bytes)


2023-02-13 19:16

administrator   ~0004599

But that's normal, isn't it? Not a problem, is it?


2023-02-13 19:17

administrator   ~0004600

BTW, I didn't do any changes on this DLL for years now...


2023-02-13 19:28

reporter   ~0004602

A week or two ago, you fixed a problem, but after installing the new version, it was still there.
I rebooted and it was "disappeared".
So, for me, if the problem persists, I reboot just in case, but it can't be reproduced.


2023-02-13 19:58

reporter   ~0004603

@Friedemann: You can close this issue

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