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0002488GeoSetterImage Datapublic2023-02-20 13:20
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Product Version4.0.47 beta 
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Summary0002488: Preview freezes on blank screen
DescriptionEvery now and again, the image preview seems to "fereeze": the image preview window or pane is blank (white) and no new images are previewed, although the rest of GS seems to continue tu work normally.
No operation seems to restore normal functioning: selecting noew image, clicking on fit buttons, changing image sort order, even changing layout (the latter sometimes issues a "insufficient memory resource" error window).
Resources don't seem particularly low (60% memory usage, 55GB free on disk...).
Only program restart seems to restore preview for some time.
Anybody met the same problem?
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2023-02-17 13:28

reporter   ~0004618

@zava I could not reproduce with 4.0.47 und Windows 10 22H2. What version of Windows do you use? Any idea, what you did before it freezes (e.g. saving many files)? Just as a wild guess, the problem we reported in , possibly might rise also AFTER successfully saving many files ....?


2023-02-18 13:26

reporter   ~0004624

Hello WilfriedB,
in fact I have not seen a correlation with saving many files, nor with any other "heavy" operation.
At some point during seemingly ordinary work it just happens, and never goes away unless restarting GS.
I myself cannotu suggest a way to reproduce, although it did happen quite a few times...
Running Windows 10 Home V 10.0.19044
(Possible) hint: it always happened while working with two screens (GS on main screen, preview on second screen.
This has been my default and most used configuration for quite some years, with previously no problems. When problem arises, switching to a layout that only uses one screen has no effect but to relocate the blank preview.
It never happened while working on single screen, but this is a fairly rare condition for me.
Sorry for providing little useful info... Just attaching a screenshot...

immagine.png (42,137 bytes)
immagine.png (42,137 bytes)


2023-02-18 15:05

reporter   ~0004625

@zava I believe, using dual-monitor is a very important detail (I would have even mentioned in the subject of this issue), specially, if you say "it always happened while working with two screens".
The fact, "it always worked in the past" doesn't mean anything. The most important difference in version 4 compared to all previous versions, is the fact that the map is no longer displayed via Internet Explorer with the help of a Google API, but using Leaflet now, which seems to be quite complicated and quite different from the previous approach.
Unfortunately, I don't have any second display to test that environment, but maybe somebody else does.


2023-02-18 15:45

reporter   ~0004626

Is there a procedure to follow?
I did some tests on 2 monitors (navigation from one photo to another, start, end, with and without transition effect) and no "freeze" of the preview


2023-02-19 22:15

reporter   ~0004627

Sorry xyzzy, I have not noticed any triggering action to cause the problem. It just seems to happen from time to time.
My operations are quite repetitive, doing very similar operations on many images one after the other... and at some point preview is gone, but all I did was dome 100 times in the previous hour...
This is the worst case for investigating a quirk...


2023-02-20 13:20

reporter   ~0004634

@zava regarding "doing very similar operations on many images one after the other.": How many times do you save while changing many images? Did you try to "Edit"->"Save changes of selected images" more frequently? Or, closing and restarting GeoSetter? Just trying to pin down the cause(s) of the problem.

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