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0002501GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2023-02-28 18:22
Reporterwim_van Assigned ToFriedemann  
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PlatformOSWindowsOS Version10-11
Product Version4.0.49 beta 
Target VersionFixed in VersionNext Release 
Summary0002501: When setting Direction-folder maximized and opening a map with a huge amount of images the programm hangs....
DescriptionSee added image
Action A -> generates a crash
When you want to select a directory-map with images to treat an you set theat Directory-map in max.window, and there you move to the wanted map an click on it to retrieve all images, the programm hangs and results in 'not working' and you have to kill teh programm.
When you restart the programm, the maximize directory-folder is reset to the normal width and the window with the thumbnails then contains all images.
It is just as, if you chose a mazimized directory-folder, when the search is done, fous is lost and I have the impression the the unvisible image-window blocks ....

Action B -> works normally
However, when you use option B (see image) you can walk to all branches in the drictory-tree without any trouble. Update of the shown thumnails is done automatically and quick.
Steps To ReproduceStart Geosetter
Go to the Directory-folder (normally at the left)
Choose maximized size (border-icons right, above where you can maximize)
Move in the directory-tree to the map where you want to retrieve all images and click on it
An hourgalss appears for infinty ....
In the border at the top: Geosetter .... (not responding)

Now you have to kill the programm with the task-mamanger, programma-cross-icon

When you restart Geosetter
Directory-folder-window is in small size
All images for the map you clicked on, are available in the second window ()
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2023-02-26 10:35


Geosetter_error_VW.jpg (89,194 bytes)
Geosetter_error_VW.jpg (89,194 bytes)


2023-02-26 10:37

reporter   ~0004678

Sorry, forgot to note. When using the left-window without maximizing the size, the programm act as normal (B)


2023-02-26 15:29

reporter   ~0004680

I yhink I found the problem.
When the window (A) with the overview with thumnails becomes to small, it is no more possible creatings them in the window. So all is freezing.
Solution ? simpel, put width-constraints on the window where thumnails are projected. I propose to take the width of the smallestthumbnailsize that is possible multipled with 2.
This should resolve this problem. With a width-constraint, the max. windowsize of the DIrectory-folder is blocked.
For as far I see the construction (Delphi-programmer) the window A and the window below are member of a panel. I should place the constraint on the paneL

Geosetter_error_01_VW.jpg (74,983 bytes)
Geosetter_error_01_VW.jpg (74,983 bytes)


2023-02-26 17:09

reporter   ~0004683

@wim_van over the years, I found it more convenient to have only the thumbnail panel (the one you needed to enlarge) maximized. All other panels, such as the map or the list of tracks, you can move by dragging the title line. The list of tracks, I only open, when needed with Ctrl-T. All other panels stay closed most of the times.

GeoSetter Floating Map.jpg (204,652 bytes)
GeoSetter Floating Map.jpg (204,652 bytes)


2023-02-26 20:13

reporter   ~0004689

I agree and I too work that way.
But, We are asked to test this software and to help Iand I find it not correct trying to hide errors. As developper I always tried delivering error-less packages. In my job I couldn't accept errors in logic, flowcharts ...
And of course, the work arround is just to deny the existence of this Directory-window, so for the same we could remove it forever.
But, not every-one works the same way. If I'm wright the problem could be solved by just adding a constraint on sizing. Why should we not do this ?
Can you imagine ? You buy a car and the airco is not cooling where the vendor just proposes opening the windows to cool down your car and keeping the faulty airco as is


2023-02-28 18:22

administrator   ~0004693

@wim_van, Thank you for the proposed solution! Unfortunately, I can't reproduce the problem, nothing freezes for me. However, I have set the minimum width of all panels to 250. Maybe that will actually help. If not, please open again.

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