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0002516GeoSetterImage Datapublic2023-04-10 16:25
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Product Version4.0.49 beta 
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Summary0002516: Coordinates added using Geosetter 3.5.2 to images taken in South-America are no more visible on a map.
DescriptionIn 2022 I used Geosetter 3.5.2 to add coordinates (GPS) to images taken in South-America. In geosetter I could see the map (satelitte, ...) and the selected images ...
When opening that folder which contains the images weeks later, all images got a trackpoint on the map without any problem. All Exifdata seems correct.
Yeseterday I tried opening the same folder under Geoseteer 4.0.49 beta ... All images of South-America were NO MORE shown on a map, even no map show up ....
In google, ... the same images can been seen on a map without any problem.
Images taken in Europe were nice shown on maps with a trackpoint.
Steps To ReproduceLoad the added images. 2 taken in Peru, 2 taken in Belgium. Coordinates added with Geosetter 3.5.2
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2023-04-09 07:58


Belgium_1.jpg (350,366 bytes)
Belgium_2.jpg (735,477 bytes)
Peru_1.jpg (189,223 bytes)
Peru_1.jpg (189,223 bytes)
Peru_2.jpg (155,598 bytes)
Peru_2.jpg (155,598 bytes)


2023-04-09 14:25

reporter   ~0004722

My photos taken in Peru are displaying well!


2023-04-09 14:44

reporter   ~0004723

Since it does work for xyzzy, what kind of map did you select @wim_van? Remember, in version 4, there are more choices for the map.


2023-04-09 17:02

reporter   ~0004724

Having said the above @wim_van , I did download your two examples and they do show on the "Google Hybrid" map

GeoSetter Example Wim_Van.jpg (372,021 bytes)


2023-04-10 16:08

reporter   ~0004735

xyzzy & Wilfriedb thanks for this information.
I retried and got errors (system hangs, ....).
Finally I checked the register of my PC and foudn some erros (adobe reader, ...).
Reset my PC and adapted the register... (took a half day).
I retested and yeah, I too can now see the map with a marker on the place where I took the picture.
So, this message, issue may be wiped. Still interesting to know that a stupied error in the register can cause unexplaineable errors. SORRY.


2023-04-10 16:25

reporter   ~0004737

Thanks for the feedback @wim_van . Good it works now! Who knows, what went wrong in Windows, problems with the registry are always nasty

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