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0002518GeoSetterImage Datapublic2023-05-08 03:39
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PlatformDesktop OSWindows OS Version11-64
Product Version4.0.49 beta 
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Summary0002518: HEIC Files from Apple Device
DescriptionWith photos from the Iphone, sometimes no thumbnails are displayed, but only black thumbnails. However, this only applies to some photos. In the image preview, all photos are displayed correctly. The metadata (date taken, GPS coordinates) are also not displayed in the thumbnail, although they are available in the photo file. The image info from Exiftool also shows this. It is therefore not possible to synchronize the images with a track.
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2023-04-10 13:42


Geosetter-Heic1.jpg (425,574 bytes)
Geosetter-Heic.jpg (446,302 bytes)


2023-05-08 03:39

reporter   ~0004756

I'm not having issues with the thumbnails, but have the same issue with the Geodata.
EXIFTool can read the GPS information without any problems, but Geosetter isn't pulling it in, so no GPS information attached to the photos. When converted to JPGs, Geosetter reads the GPS information fine.
Also probably related to this issue is that Geosetter doesn't read the time taken information from the EXIF data, so I can't use Geosetter to rename with microseconds.

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