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0002536GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2023-09-03 12:48
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Summary0002536: Edit speed (km/h)
DescriptionI often take fotos while driving. So speed matters.
My GPS-logger writes the speed in km/h. I know this is WRONG.
GeoSetter reads these data and display in the list the wrong data.
They should be corrected with wrongspeed/100*53,9957.

But there is no possibility to correct the speed in the GeoSetter EDIT pages!
Its one of the few field GeoSetter cannot correct.
This field could be added to the place ('Ort') beside the hight -> Speed [km/h].
This would be great to correct the speed manually!

Even better would be a button to correct the most common errors in GPS-Loggers
('convert wrong knots to km/h' ore something like that).
Steps To ReproduceGPS logfile with speed data.
TagsGeschwindigkeit, km/h, speed


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