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0002537GeoSetterImage Datapublic2023-10-23 08:03
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Product Version3.5.1 
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Summary0002537: support HIF files
DescriptionNew Sony cameras can writes HIF files instead of JPG. iPhones for the past few versions too.
As this is a newer standard format, can GeoSetter support this too?
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2023-10-16 16:37

reporter   ~0004799

Did you try adding a new type: Settings | File Options | Add custom Type ... ?


2023-10-17 02:27

reporter   ~0004800

Custom types don't really work. You can't see a preview of the image, and most importantly, since GeoSetter cannot read date/time on the image, you can't geotag them using a track.


2023-10-19 23:19

reporter   ~0004801

Euh, are you sure you have a good exif-reader ? Geotag only uses the results returned by the Exif-tool. Date/time are standard-tags in an exif.


2023-10-20 13:44

reporter   ~0004802

What does exiftool give ?
For example do the following test to see if exiftool can read the data:

exiftool -H -G1 -s -charset filename=latin FullFilePath


2023-10-22 17:36

reporter   ~0004805

Turns out I was on a really old version of exiftool that's several years old. For some reason, my auto-update isn't working and Geosetter reports "Retrieving information about a newer version failed." in the ExifTool Update Information dialog.

But I digress, this is a different problem.

I then manually updated exiftool to the newest (12.68) and Geosetter correctly recognizes that version in the ExifTool Update Information dialog. I see full exif details on the Image Info pane, like camera & lens details, date & time.

Yes my problem still remains:
- Edit Data (Ctrl-E) does not show anything. For example, Date tab is empty, even though I can see full exif details in Image Info pane.
- Since the main parts of the program isn't reading the date, I still cannot geotag. Geosetter reports "None of your selected images contains a date time value..." Note that a raw file written by the camera at the same time can be geotagged without a problem.

I've attached a screenshot showing the problem.


2023-10-22 19:03

reporter   ~0004806

@icebucket regarding "my auto-update isn't working": Seems, you have an old version of GeoSetter. Auto-Update did not work for a long time, but with latest GeoSetter 4.0.49 (build 2233 - beta) it does work. Possibly that updating it might solve your original problem ...?


2023-10-22 20:28

reporter   ~0004807

Yeah I haven't been using the beta because I thought the "released" version would be more stable. But now that I installed the beta, I realize how far ahead the beta is (at least in terms of UI)... I will use the beta from now on.

With the beta, I can now update exiftool through the program.

But I still have my original problem with HIF files: Can't geotag. No date times in the UI.

I'm actually surprised that you guys are so knowledgeable about GeoSetter but are completely oblivious to this problem. Maybe not everyone has the newest Sony camera, but surely lots of people have iPhones, which have produced HEIC files for the last few versions of iOS? Is it because iPhone pics come already geotagged so people are not running it through this program?


2023-10-23 08:03

reporter   ~0004808

@ricebucket thanks for the feedback! Yes, the current beta solved many problems.

In my case, you guess correctly: My Sony is several years old and I don't own any iphone.

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