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0002546GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2024-03-23 13:27
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PlatformPCOSWindows 11 ProOS Version22H2
Product Version4.0.49 beta 
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Summary0002546: White on White
DescriptionRecently, it seems that the names of directories are written in "white" on a "white" background (Fig-1). If I temporarily modify the "View" by adding the "Folders" (Fig-2) and removing it, the situation returns to normal (Fig-3). (We can see this clearly in “Dark” mode (Fig-4)
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2024-03-16 12:53


Fig-1.jpg (23,833 bytes)
Fig-1.jpg (23,833 bytes)
Fig-2.jpg (45,236 bytes)
Fig-2.jpg (45,236 bytes)
Fig-3.jpg (23,542 bytes)
Fig-3.jpg (23,542 bytes)
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Fig-4.jpg (20,780 bytes)


2024-03-16 13:03

reporter   ~0004828

if I click on a point outside the folders, all the folders "disappear" (are written white on white) (Fig-5)

Fig-5.jpg (20,894 bytes)
Fig-5.jpg (20,894 bytes)


2024-03-23 13:27

reporter   ~0004829

I found out why:
In the "Thumbnail view" section of "Adjust Columns and Captions", I had set "Visible Lines" to "0" by mistake.
I reset the value to "6"

@Heiko: : You can close this request

Fig-6.jpg (81,198 bytes)
Fig-6.jpg (81,198 bytes)

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