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0000392GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2011-10-29 10:04
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Product Version3.2.6 release 
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Summary0000392: Background processing
DescriptionActually during saving info files treatement, the GUI GeoSetter don't allow to the user any other choice than to wait.... it's a pity because saving exif take time.

Exemple :
I have 10 folders with 1000 CR2 files inside. I go in the first folder select all images set geolocalization and save it. I could not go to other folder until all files in the first have been saved. It's a worst time...

Proposal :
Just put saving process in a thread in background. Doing this you allow user to change folder and begin to process another folder in same time. It's very more userfriendly and not time worst.
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2010-01-17 11:34

reporter   ~0000785

my experience with such functionality in Adobe Bridge (which try to do that in background) is worst too.. would it work to open 2 instances of program?


2010-01-17 12:33

administrator   ~0000786

First of all: It depends on you if it is wasting of time. Of course it is when staring on the screen an watching the progress bar ;-) Sorry, that is a joke :-)

It's not simply putting a process in background. There need to be added managment functionalety for the user interface.

> would it work to open 2 instances of program?

no, only 1 instance is possible.


2010-01-17 16:50

reporter   ~0000788

Last edited: 2010-01-18 23:24


  I'm developper too and understand than change like that look easy but in developpment nothing is simple...

  I ask that because I geotagged all my photo recently. It was a huge process and a realy appreciate GeoSetter. But during this process a spend 2/3 of time to wait looking scroolbar ;) If the folder was huge... ok I could do other thing on my PC, but for few pictures (30 or 80), what can I to do for 50secondes before to have the hand with GUI and geotag another folder ?

  If the background process is to hard to implement (but background manager is the futur way to implement application running on multicore PC) you can perhaps prepare a basket work. When user have finished to prepare all images/folders to tag into basket I can run actual process of tagging with this list. It's a very simple way to implement it and user don't loose time (basket could be huge and it could be a night processing). What do you think ?


2010-01-28 21:44

reporter   ~0000835


   Any feed-back about idea ?


2010-01-28 23:00

administrator   ~0000837

> If the background process is to hard to implement (but background manager
> is the futur way to implement application running on multicore PC) you
> can perhaps prepare a basket work.

yes, this will be an option on which I already thought for myself. Maybe I will add something like this in a future version.


2010-06-06 20:42

reporter   ~0001118

This sounds very similar to issue 0000156 (sorry, I don't know how to make a link here).

I think it's a great idea to implement some kind of "basket work" or "batch processing" or whatever you wish to call it.
This would improve the user experience very much for at least one user - me. ;-)

In fact this wish is definitively my top favorite. Every other aspect of GeoSetter is working almost perfect for me as it is now.


2011-10-29 10:04

reporter   ~0001688

Hello Mr Fiedemann after some others geotag processing on a huge amount of picture I ask you again the concept to do a "basket" processing. It's very a pity to wait tagging for each folder. If you remember you can do it by 2 ways :

- The processing of tagging is a background process.
- Put all by a button the tagging processing into a basket and at the end start the final tagging process to all basket previously created.

Please considerate this issue because it's very time consuming to wait the tagging process folder by folder like actually.

Many thanks

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