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0000467GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2010-02-20 18:55
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Product Version3.3.10 release 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.3.11 beta 
Summary0000467: Add option to edit Destination Coordinates
DescriptionWith the addition of "Image Direction" and not having the program update all selected images with "Point of View" (mentioned in Report 466 as "Destination Button"), there is no other way (that I have found) to update the "Destination Coordinates.
Editing Data would need 2 parts ...
1. On Tab "Location" in Option "GPS Data" Under "Image Direction" add "Point of View Coordinates. Hopefully, this would automatically add it to the "Custom View".
2. "Set Current Values For All Selected Images" needs a checkbox option under "Image Direction" for "Point of View Coordinates"
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2010-02-19 19:08

reporter   ~0000954

Additional thought for this enhancement, it would be nice to have a default general settings for the default point of view distance (in particular to set it to a shorter distance).

The reason is that for all images even with a photo angle set (I'm using a Solmeta GPS that capture the angle), the dest coordinates are initialy blank and generate on the map a huge oink or blue cone (around 1 Km long on the map) .. in most case, the picture when not a landscape or in a city is not going further than a few hundred meters .. When you zoom in the map the cone gets out of the map as too large ..

The possibility to have it this long is still useful (again in a large lanscape view) but it would be ideal to be able to set the value either as general settings or either as a rapid value in the tool bar.




2010-02-20 18:55

administrator   ~0000962

See beta version:

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