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0000474GeoSetterImage Datapublic2010-02-22 13:10
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Product Version3.3.10 release 
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Summary0000474: GPS tags not correctly handled when coordinates are modified
DescriptionThis issue consists of a bug report and a feature request:

[BUG] Spurious GPS tags remain after some coordinate edits:
  Coordinate edits can make some GPS tags invalid, but these are not properly
  cleaned up. For example, if a GPS fix is assigned to an image, then
  saved, and then all coordinate information is deleted in the edit window (or
  new coordinates are assigned to the image using a marker in the map window),
  and saved again, GPSSpeed and GPSSpeedRef tags remain in the XMP file

[FEATURE]: GPS tags should distinguish between coordinates from GPS data and those from a manually placed marker in the map window:
  The GPS tags resulting from a manually placed marker are currently
  indistinguishable from those from an actual GPS fix, but it would be
  useful to know whether the coordinates are really from a GPS measurement,
  or merely a rough guess of the location, for example. One way of indicating
  this distinction would be to not write the GPSTimeStamp tag for manually
  selected coordinates (I cannot find any indication that the GPX EXIF tag
  specification requires GPSTimeStamp to be present). If this is not feasible,
  another alternative perhaps be to set GPSStatus to 'V' for 'Void' to
  indicate the absence of an actual GPS measurement. If this proposed system
  is implemented, handling of edits should be consistent -- if the
  coordinates from a true GPS fix are manually edited (or a map marker is
  assigned), GPSTimeStamp should be removed to indicate that the coordinates
  are no longer from a GPS fix.

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2010-02-22 13:10

reporter   ~0000969


Further to this, I have noticed this as well.

GPSSpeed and GPSSpeedRef are the only two values, that when saved can not be changed/edited or removed.

When GPSSpeed was added, there was never an ability to edit it via the GUI.

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