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Summary0000541: Geosetter no longer displays position under thumbnail for Sony .xmp data
DescriptionIf I geotag Sony RAW .ARW files, creating an XMP file, or editing a new one, then Geosetter will insert the long/lat in red text under the thumbnail view, but if I then SAVE to save the position then Geosetter no longer displays the long/lat in black ink like it used to, but now just displays - and Geosetter will no longer jump to the position of the photograph when the photograph is selected.

At the moment I have the following settings for Sony (*.arw, *.sr2, *.srf):

"Save data in XMP sidecar files" is turned ON

"Update existing data in images" is turned ON

But "Always update EXIF data (GPS and taken date) in image" is turned OFF as I prefer all changes to be made to the xmp file and kept with the .ARW file when saved to disk, but I don't like changes being made to the .ARW file.

If I turn "Always update EXIF data (GPS and taken date) in image" to ON then the problem in Geosetter disappears.

Can Geosetter be changed back to the old behaviour?

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geosetter_arw_settings.jpg (100,663 bytes)
geosetter_arw_settings.jpg (100,663 bytes)


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administrator   ~0001061

I can not reproduce this behaviour here. Can you please copy the result of the save report here (see attached screenshot geosetter_save_report_2_clipboard.jpg)?

For me it is for example:

Saved (0,58s): R:\Test\arw\DSC01582.xmp
  Params: C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\fri\Anwendungsdaten\GeoSetter\tools\exiftool.exe -@ "C:\DOKUME~1\fri\LOKALE~1\Temp\et00187644.arg" "R:\Test\arw\DSC01582.xmp"
    -XMP:GPSAltitudeRef=Above Sea Level

Do you perhaps have enabled an additional ExifTool command in the program settings?

Attached you also see my ARW settings.

2010-04-13 23:22


geosetter_error_2010-04-13.png (1,736,114 bytes)

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2010-04-13 23:37

reporter   ~0001062

Hi, I have uploaded my settings and my screen shot showing the effect, but I have found that the issue appears, as you've noted, to my running an extra command for exiftool. I had running the following command under "Use Additional ExifTool Commands before GeoSetter Commands:"


The reason for this was because Panoramio's upload no longer works with geotagged images that were geotagged using GeoSetter.

(see this thread:)

The advice given from one of the people replying was:

For all who use GeoSetter: There is an easy way to work without an additional call of exiftool:

In GeoSetter go to "File" -> "Settings" -> Tab "ExifTool"
aktivate the box "Use Additional ExifToolCommands before ..."
and type into the textbox: -xmp:geotag=

Hence my use of this in Geosetter. Removing the command fixes the issue I've report here!


2010-04-13 23:50

administrator   ~0001063

:-D Ok, with the command "xmp:geotag=" you will remove the data immediately after adding it. So it's not a bug in GeoSetter ...

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