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0000574GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2010-11-07 22:16
Reporterflamati Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Product Version3.3.48 Release 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.3.61 beta 
Summary0000574: Data loss in "Schlüsselwörter" due to automatic disabled "Nur geänderte"
DescriptionHello Friedemann,

I found an error in the function "Aktuelle Werte für alle ausgew. Bilder übernehmen...".

My current Version is 3.3.48 and i'm pretty sure, that this behavoout was different on some older Versions.

The Problem is the deactivating behaviour of suboption "Nur geänderte" of option "Schlüsselwörter". (I suppose that this mey also apply to the other suboptions, i i only tested with Schlüsselwörter).

The suboption "nur geänderte" gets unset and disabled when there are no changed Schlüsselwörter. This leeds to the strande behaviour that you might copy Schlüsselwörter unintended to other files.

Let's do an example.

Take 3 Photos, let's call them 1, 2 and 3. The have currently the following Schlüsselwörter (and all is saved).
1: A
2: B
3: C

Now i mark 1+2, add Schlüsselwort D to 1 and transfer that to 2 with "Aktuelle Werte für alle ausgew. Bilder übernehmen...", Schlüsselwörter and Nur geänderte are both set. The save. Result:
1: A, D
2: B, D
3: C

Now mark all 3 files, sat some different field in the first, let's say "Ort" to Berlin and press "Aktuelle Werte für alle ausgew. Bilder übernehmen...".
The dialog locks like:
Ort is print bold, i check that box.
Schlüsselwörter is not bold (nothing changed), yet it's still checked - but: Nur geänderte is now unchecked and disabled. After OK...
1: A, D
2: A, D
3: A, D

So the previous Schlüsselwörter are lost!

The dialog "Aktuelle Werte für alle ausgew. Bilder übernehmen..." remembers the previous setting from it's last usage - that's a great functio. And i normally have Schlüsserwörter and Nur geänderte always on. Yet the Dialog should also remember the setting of nur geänderte to prevent data loss.

And if you go in again after the above example this files markes that have changed Schlüsselwörter, Nur geänderte is still unchecked! (But enabled again).

I'm quite sure, the some older Versions had a better behaviour here. Just keep the suboptions enabled all the time and remember their last settings, the all is fine.

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related to 0000681 resolvedFriedemann Copying keywords 



2010-11-07 22:16

administrator   ~0001321

> Just keep the suboptions enabled all the time and remember their last
> settings, the all is fine.

I now remove the check from keywords when the suboption is not set/enabled. I do not want to enable the suboption all the time, because if there are no changed keywords, the enabled suboption makes no sense.

Please see also 0000681

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