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0000591GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2010-07-19 13:15
Reporterfichtennadel Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Product Version3.3.48 Release 
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Summary0000591: map not loaded properly and image location markers not shown on map
DescriptionUsed to work fine, but since today (I haven't used Geosetter for some weeks, so this might already be since longer time) the maps do not show up properly. Neither Google Streep Map, Hybrid or OSM.

Only Google Satellite is working partly, but the image location markers are not shown anymore. I've tried Geosetter restart, reboot, IE cache clearing, but no luck.

See attached screenshot for example (note the message and the scale of the Google map: data for 1km is definitely available).

I'm on Win XP SP3, IE6.
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2010-07-03 18:50


Clipboard01.jpg (54,295 bytes)
Clipboard01.jpg (54,295 bytes)

2010-07-03 18:51


Clipboard02.jpg (250,966 bytes)
Clipboard02.jpg (250,966 bytes)


2010-07-04 14:01

reporter   ~0001133

I've tried in IE6 and FF (see screenshot 3: left IE6, right Firefox 3.6). Sometimes map is loaded only partly but some objects are always missing.

Seems overlay objects (slider, markers) are not rendered properly in IE6 anymore.

2010-07-04 14:01


Clipboard03.jpg (182,597 bytes)
Clipboard03.jpg (182,597 bytes)

2010-07-05 20:29


Clipboard04.jpg (16,546 bytes)
Clipboard04.jpg (16,546 bytes)


2010-07-05 20:31

reporter   ~0001137

Seems like an issue with png Files in IE6.
See attachment Clipboard04.jpg: is not shown in IE6.
Could you try to use different png options (transparency settings or similar) or use gifs?


2010-07-05 22:48

reporter   ~0001140

Sorry for bothering Geosetter bug database with this issue. Actually this has been a problem on my local XP environment: no png images at all have been shown in IE6.

Just in case someone else runs into this:

Root cause have been access permissions downwards registry path "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Mime\Database\Content Type". I have added read permissions for users group directly to this path, now png are shown again and GeoSetter also started to work fine again!

IMHO this bug report can be closed, and sorry once again for putting this up here.

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