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0000595GeoSetterImage Datapublic2010-07-18 23:51
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Product Version3.3.48 Release 
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Summary0000595: Request - edit data, time shift for multiple selection.
DescriptionFirstly, thank you for providing a very useful, feature packed app.

My request relates to the following dialog:
Images => Edit Data... => Date

When using the "Time Shift" option after selected multiple images, the 'Shift Values' appears to relate to the first image of the selection which then sets the time for all images to the same time. I would find this option much more useful if the time for each image is individually shifted by the specified amount. As it is, this option is not very different from the "Set to Fixed Date" option on the same tab.
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2010-07-18 02:07

administrator   ~0001174

But this is possible already by using "Set Current Values For All Selected Images", isn't it? Please see attached screenshots...

2010-07-18 02:09


geosetter_time_shift_1.jpg (256,030 bytes)
geosetter_time_shift_1.jpg (256,030 bytes)

2010-07-18 02:10


geosetter_time_shift_2.jpg (236,815 bytes)
geosetter_time_shift_2.jpg (236,815 bytes)


2010-07-18 23:20

reporter   ~0001193

It is too. My mistake.
I did see this option but did not want to apply it because I had thought that it was going to apply the "Target Date:" to all the images selected instead of applying the "Shift Value:" to each image.
I see now that it does do what I was wanting. I just find the dialog a little ambiguous as to what is going to happen. Maybe the label "Target Date:" could be changed to "Target Date of highlighted image:" or something similar.

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