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0000617GeoSetterImage Datapublic2010-11-08 00:20
Reporterace_dent Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Product Version3.3.60 Release 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.3.61 beta 
Summary0000617: GPS-Info reported by ExifTool, not visible in Geosetter
DescriptionAttached file exhibits problem. I have a large number of geotagged files, with GPS data visible in Exiftool (e.g. using 'Info' section in Geosetter). However, when using Geosetter to view on the map or update GPS details there are non apparently present. When saving an updated file, the chnages are no longer visisble and the GPS data is not displayed again in Geosetter...
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2010-07-27 01:57


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2010-07-30 01:16

reporter   ~0001209

Testing revealed the problem is with a specific incorrectly formed GPS tag, e.g.
GPS:ImgDirection = 0 0 2.26939...

It seems three rational numbers are stored(?), rather than one Rational64u as specified by exiftool. Also, the exif standard suggests an angle 0 - 360...

Regarding 'fixes'- it would be useful if:
* exiftool warned the user of the malformed gps tag;
* Geosetter forwarded the warning, ignored the direction tag, and used the other correct gps tags (i.e degraded gracefully).

Just for info: the file was geocoded back in 2008 using the following process:
- From Google Earth, a KML file was created for a location.
- Using iTag (with Microsoft's WIC under the hood), the KML location was used to geocode the jpeg.
- I suspect the KML camera properties (Tilt Roll Bearing?) may have been used...
- Due to software updates, the bug seems to be fixed (/can no longer be recreated).



2010-10-03 23:37

administrator   ~0001244

The GPSImageDirection is "0 0 52.5896692". So there are 3 values instead of 1. Do you know which software maybe did write these values?

That's why GeoSetter unfortunately crashes when reading it... Of course I can fix it and take the 3rd value. Do you think 52 degress is ok for the direction?


2010-11-08 00:20

administrator   ~0001333

Please try

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