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0000622GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2016-04-14 11:12
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Summary0000622: City and Sublocation in the wrong order
DescriptionWhen you retrieve the location information from Geonames the City and Sublocation are always in the wrong order for addresses in Japan.
Additional InformationFor example, I live in Kodaira City in Tokyo. My sublocation would be Josuihoncho. However, when I retrieve this information from Geonames Kodaira is displayed in the Sublocation field and Josuihoncho is displayed in the City field. This happens for every address that I have tried in Japan.
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2014-08-17 04:13

reporter   ~0002165

This also is the case in Great Brittan, the Netherlands and I think also in Germany


2014-08-17 04:18


geosetter.JPG (171,113 bytes)
geosetter.JPG (171,113 bytes)


2014-08-17 04:22

reporter   ~0002166

At the attached File, the city/stad should be Landerum or Formurum and the sublocation should be (eiland Terschelling)


2015-07-29 01:07

reporter   ~0002218

this also happens continually with any Australian city/sublocations i have used Geosetter to look up

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