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0000654GeoSetterImage Datapublic2010-10-03 22:59
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Summary0000654: Logs from the Amod AGL 3080 gps tracker sometimes are read incompletely by GeoSetter
DescriptionFrom my last trip I have 20 logs, of which 2 do not show completely in GeoSetter. This means that some images cannot be tagged.
On my home-made 'log analyzing utility' all tracks show completely in GoogleEarth.
Inspection of the logs in a text editor does not show to me any deviation of the normal sequence of GPS-sentences.
When I split the log immediately after the "stop" point I can display the rest also in GeoSetter.

What can cause this behaviour?
Additional InformationLogs are all starting with $ADVER,3080,2.2 and they contain mostly 5 types of sentences (GGA, GSA, RMC, VTG, GSV). They also somtimes contain lines with "$GPWPL", "$ADPMB", and "$PSRFTXT", of which I am not sure what they mean.

I can send examples of the logs if needed.
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