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0000655GeoSetterImage Datapublic2010-10-03 23:17
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Summary0000655: GeoSetter seems to leave out points from a tracker log
DescriptionThe logs from my AMOD AGL 3080 tracker seem to miss several points as displayed on the Map window, when I compare how my 'home-made utility' shows the tracks on GoogleEarth (see attachments). I cannot tell if these points are also not used to tag images.

Is this just a matter of display function or should I be concerned?
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2010-09-28 12:57


AmodLogUtil.jpg (110,030 bytes)
AmodLogUtil.jpg (110,030 bytes)


2010-09-29 22:58

developer   ~0001241

here a part of the FAQ in the help file:

A GPS track will not run through all recorded GPS points, because the tracks were thinned out with the Douglas-Peucker-Algorithm. If all GPS track points would be used for the view, displaying of the map would be very slow in cause of the high number of objects. Certainly all track points were used for the internal processing and will be used for the synchronization.


2010-10-03 23:17

administrator   ~0001243

As Heiko explained already, you do not have to be concerned ;-)

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