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0000665GeoSetterImage Datapublic2010-11-04 18:51
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Summary0000665: cannot locate tag
DescriptionGeosetter cannot locate tags for pictures that I have taken in Italy. For example, I have pictures taken in Pisa and Geosetter can not geolocate the pictures from the data taken with a Holux m-241. I have not had this problem before.

Thanks for any help that you can provide.

B. Kaufman

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2010-11-04 18:31

reporter   ~0001316

On those images that are geolocated I frequently get errors from exiftool. This is also reproducible. This happens even when all pictures are geotagged.


2010-11-04 18:51

administrator   ~0001317

I need more information about both problems:

1. Can you perhaps send an image file together with the track file to
2. Which errors do you get???

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