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0000674GeoSetterImage Datapublic2010-11-03 19:10
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Summary0000674: Probleme with time
DescriptionThe time of my camera is in UTC, traces. GPX too.

Why do I need to add 3 hours to have consistency there?

Thank you,

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2010-11-01 19:30

administrator   ~0001309

> Why do I need to add 3 hours to have consistency there?

I don't (can't) know, it depends on you settings in the synchronization dialog. Perhaps you selected the wrong time zone or you selected the option to use the system time zone...

A screenshot of your synchronization dialog would be very helpful...


2010-11-02 23:13

reporter   ~0001311

Good evening,

Today I made new pictures with a new track and everything is OK.

I tried again with pictures and track that did not work, it's always the same.

I think my record is faulty and the problem comes from there.

Thank you for the attention you brought me.



2010-11-02 23:17

administrator   ~0001312

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You can send me the track file and an image file to and tell me where you expect the image to be located - if you want to...

Then I can perhaps tell you what's maybe going wrong. Additionally I need a screenshot of your synchronizing dialog.


2010-11-03 19:09

reporter   ~0001313

Good evening,

Here attached some photos and the track.

The time set on the camera is GMT.

Good reception.


2010-11-03 19:10


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