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0000686GeoSetterImage Datapublic2011-01-17 23:31
ReporterHansHans Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Summary0000686: GPS coordinates erased when updating sidecar file with location info
DescriptionMy workflow consists of synchronizing my Sony raw files (.arw) with GPS coordinates stored in a bunch of .GPX files (CTRL+G). Data are stored in .xmp sidescar files. Once the coordinates are there, I introduce the location data (CTRL+E) and save the files.
However, when I first save the modifications after updating the coordinates (but before updating the location), then the second 'save modifications' step (after location data has been added) will erase the coordinates. This results in files which have location data (based on the coordinates) but the coordinates themselves are no longer there.

If I do not execute the intermediate save-modifications-step but only save after both coordinates and location data are introduced, then both types of data are stored properly.

The only difference (that I am aware of) is that in the first step, the existing .xmp files are renamed to .xmp_original and new .xmp files are generated. I am assuming something goes wrong in this process. It is only during the save-modifications step that the coordinates disappear one by one. Before the save-modifications step, all data is available as shown in the top left folder browser area of the user interface.

My workaround is not to do the intermediate save, but sometimes when I forget, the coordinate data can be reintroduced by a new synchronization step with the .gpx files. Not a big additional effort under normal circumstances, but when location data is erroneous, requires a time offset or needs otherwise additional attention, it can be annoying to need to do that for the second time.

Hope you can fix it. Please let me know if you are not able to reproduce and I can provide some files.
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2010-11-27 00:04

administrator   ~0001356

Excuse me please that I didn't care about your problem by now!

Can you perhaps send me an ARW file (before handled by GeoSetter) and a screenshot of your GeoSetter ARW-settings to


2010-12-06 20:20

reporter   ~0001360

Hi, finally found some time to document the problem. I'll send you a ppt with an illustration of the problem and the arw settings. I'll also add a ARW file and example sidecar files.
Thanks for your effort and your otherwise impressive piece of sodtware.


2011-01-17 23:31

administrator   ~0001436

The problem has been causes by additional ExifTool commands.

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