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0000693GeoSetterImage Datapublic2010-12-10 00:15
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Product Version3.3.95 beta 
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Summary0000693: GPS Log Export/Management
DescriptionI have been collecting GPS track logs for over 4 years. Because of the limited internal storage space of my logger, it must be downloaded every few days at most. I now have dozens of logs spanning several trips. The trouble is that I can't find a suitable program to manage these logs. Geosetter comes very close, since it allows the importation of multiple logs, plots them over a Google Maps interface, and allows users to save the group of logs back out.

What would fill my need (and perhaps other users) would be for Geosetter to:

1) Allow a user to combine multiple track logs and export them as a single track in a format such as GPX rather than as a unique .gst file.
2) Allow users to edit the tracklogs to remove spurious data points.
3) Allow users to selectively export data from a specific date range.

I know that managing GPS logs is not the primary intent of Geosetter, but this appears to be a problem that isn't currently being addressed by any products on the market. I feel that Geosetter is 75% of the way there, and with a few additions, it would move further ahead as the best geotagging application on the market.
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