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0000704GeoSetterImage Datapublic2011-01-06 23:40
Reporterchee-hong pang Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Product Version3.3.60 Release 
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Summary0000704: Unable to read MotionX gpx file

I just installed GeoSetter and was trying top sync some of my images with that of MotionX gpx file. Each time I try the sync I get the following message
"You didn't select a track file or your selected track file doesn't
contain any coordinates including date time information."

On the sync screen I tried different time adjustment but it just wont import the MotionX coordinates. My images are recorded local time (Sydney, Australia) and the GPX file is in UTC, hence I try changing the time. Unfortunately whatever I do don't seems to work.

From the internet other people have managed to get syn MotionX gpx file but for whatever reason I just not able to. I attached the gpx and an image for your test.

Thanks in advance and your help is much appreciated.


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2011-01-06 08:51


GPX test (475,905 bytes)


2011-01-06 19:36

administrator   ~0001385

The track file is not complete, it ends right in the middle. I think that's why it can't be read...

chee-hong pang

2011-01-06 21:59

reporter   ~0001389

Hi Friedemann,

Thank you for the prompt reply.
I should have looked at the entire gpx when I investigated the problem. Somehow when I first emailed the gpx file the data connection must be poor and the all the gpx files are corrupted. I had resend all the gpx files and it is complete now.
Thank you for you assistance and Happy new Year.


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