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Summary0000747: desire for suffix (or prefix on file name)
I am a professional photographer, for record keeping I have started using the geosetter software, but have a couple of desired features:

I don't want to alter my original files (non tagged), even the names. I do redunant backups of images files to more than one drive when I get back to base each day. Any geotagging of images will be done when I have time, usually days later. Since the geosetter software uses the original name, renaming the original file, and I request date be kept matching original date/time, this means after geotagging files say on first backup drive. The names and dates will be identical to those on second backup drive, but the files are not the same, any only only the fact that the geotagged files are slightly larger is is easly tell which are which. I need some way to mark the geotagged images with altered names from the originals.

Is it possible for the geosetter software to save the geotagged file with the original file name, but with a defined suffix, such as "GT" appended, ie. file _DOH0822.JPG, original is left alone, while the new geotagged version is saved as _D0H0822GT.JPG. A prefix to the name might work also, but my preference is to suffix files with codes, and normal file name sorting will keep files together

As I shoot in the field, and often far from any internet connection, is it possible to have Geosetter use a local copy of a Garmin map instead of internet map, such their various topomaps while setting and confirming the locations for the images.

Thanks, hope some of this is possible.

Edward Agnew
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