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Summary0000754: Suggestion performance improvement ExifTool
DescriptionFirst, I like you GeoSetter program a lot and have recommended it to others.

Browsing the internet I came across a test of improving the performance of ExifTool, see .

This page is also referred to by Phil Harvey himself, see and search for “One exiftool user documented a 60x speed increase by processing …”

Perhaps this helps a little.
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2011-02-05 17:12

administrator   ~0001493

Thank you!

But as I see, the article handles only problems regarding reading of data, not writing. ExifTool is not used for reading image data (except for the info panel shown by Ctrl+I). But of course I know, when saving image data with GeoSetter, ExifTool will be called for each image seperately. It would maybe much more faster when doing this in one call, maybe by using an arg file. But I don't know at the moment how to show the progress then and I also don't know how to cancel it...


2011-02-09 01:43

reporter   ~0001499

Are you aware (or in fact already using) of the rather new capability of ExifTool to use an argfile kind of like a pipe, leaving it open for read until it encounters a stop command, whilst reporting progress by issuing a '{ready}' after each completed command?

The -stay_open option:


2012-05-24 14:18

reporter   ~0001778

I really hope this issue of performance gets a higher priority. It would be great if Geosetter can be sped up both during reading and writing EXIF.

There's a performance discussion on the ExifTool Forum that might be relevant:,4134.0.html

More on ARGFILE:

Thank you

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