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0000777GeoSetterImage Datapublic2011-04-24 01:12
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Product Version3.4.21 beta 
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Summary0000777: Support request: What determines the initial position of the focal point in the map?
DescriptionHi Friedemann,

still fighting with getting the object's distance smoothly into my exifs.
What i am wondering about:
When loading already geolocated images with an GPS_ImageDirection value already set, the initial position for the focal point varies from some few hundred meters off the cameras postion to some kilometers.

I wonder if this behaviour is caused by some other exif data, or is this some google random thing?

Cause, as i mentioned in another issue before, its quite a pain to zoom out and in in order to grab the point and adjust it to my distance values which are normally only between 2m to 20m, so on a completely different zoom level than the initial focal points postions.

If this intial distance for example is calculated from some other exif data provided by the camera, i could then use an exiftool batch script to adjust those values before importing the images into geosetter.

Thanx in advance
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