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Summary0000785: Sync with GPS applying extra Daylight Saving?
DescriptionCanon Powershot G10: Australian Eastern Standard Time plus Daylight Saving
Garmin Oregon 300: Timezone set to automatic
Windows 7: set to AEST plus auto Daylight Saving

In Garmin BaseCamp the track file shows the correct position for the time the photo was taken (3:52 pm).

The image file shows the time taken in Geosetter as 3:52 pm and the time zone is set as above.

"Synchronize with GPS Data Files..." using the same track sets the position to the one that is right for 4:52 pm.

Not sure what Geosetter version I was using before, but I've only noticed this since upgrading yesterday to 3.4.16 build 2119.
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2011-03-21 10:35


Daylight Saving (GPX & JPG).zip (282,881 bytes)

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