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Summary0000811: Lightroom plugin
DescriptionI know this was also discussed a longer time ago:
Would be nice to have a Lightroom plugin. I guess many use a similar work flow than I do:
1. Import with Lightroom
2. Add geo data with geosetter
3. Read metadata from files in Lightroom

The only older posts I've found here were about Lightroom 2 (as far as I know plugins were only available for exporting).

Implemention could be e.g.:
-In Library with functionality of map window of geosetter. Selection of images is done in Lightroom library, and with plugin I can search for places on the map and assign them
-In Import dialog (sync with track)

When looking at available plugins most of them are for export or color adjustments presets (I guess the presets are not really a plugin).

But I found this one which can be used for adding GPS functionality:

Here a link to lightroom developer information:

best regards

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2011-05-06 18:10

reporter   ~0001580

Well, I guess it does not seem to be that easy:

"Sadly, Lightroom does not allow for a plugin to easily update the “real” per-image GPS information in the Lightroom database, but this plugin takes an approach that should allow geoencoding to be seamless for many. The plugin itself maintains its own set of “shadow” GPS data for each image, allowing you to view and change the data as you like. On export, the plugin inserts the GPS data into the image (into the copies of the images made during the export), so that your exported images are properly geoencoded as well."

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