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Summary0000817: GeoNames screen
DescriptionI am not sure which Category I should use.

I have been using GeoSetter for 5 or 6 years, I think. We went on a two month vacation and since then I get the following screen after using GeoSetter for only a short time:

GeoNames reports the following problem: the daily limit of 30,000 credits geosetter has been exceeded. Please throttle your requests or use the commercial service.

I went to GeoNames and signed in, but I cannot figure out how GeoSetter and
GeoNames are connected...or how I should connect them in order to keep from getting this screen. I thought once I signed in, I would not see that screen again, but I have...several times.

I will need some very basic instructions in order to understand how to make things go back to the wonderful way they were before we went away.

Thanks so much.
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2011-05-17 00:33

developer   ~0001596

if you have already a GeoNames account you have to do 2 things:

first you have to enable your GeoNames account to the free GeoNames Web Services. To do this login to GeoNames and change then to and enable the free web services

the second step is to enter your GeoNames account in GeoSetter. Open the settings of GeoSetter and change to the tab "Internet". Here you can enter your user name of GeoNames.

Now all should work ..

feel free to reopen this issue if you have further problems

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