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0000825GeoSetterImage Datapublic2012-02-26 01:38
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Summary0000825: height values are ignored in NMEA file from i-Blue 747

when synchronising JPG or CR2 with files (e.g. .NMA) from my i-blue 747 datalogger the fotos are corectly tagged by the wonderfull (!) GeoSetter utility but all height values are missing. Consequently I have to fetch height value from internet servers but many values are missing on these servers - while there are in my NMA file, but are left unused.

I download data from i-Blue with oroginal datalog logger tool 2.5 build 104 which comes with the device. The i-blue device is set to log all values for GoogleEarth which explicitely includes the height.

GPSbable is installed and configured in geoSetter.

I am on Windows7/64/german.

This behaviour has been identical in previous versions of geosetter.

Additional Informationan example NMEA file is appended

Best regards

juraj (~georg)
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2011-05-28 16:24


Fra2011.rar (362,822 bytes)


2011-05-28 23:40

developer   ~0001604

in your sample NMEA file is no altitude data included. Therefore it's not possible to read altitude values from your NMEA file.

I don't know the i-blue 747, but a short Google research says that you can configure the data fields which are recorded. You have to enable the logging of GGA data. GGA includes the altitude.

2011-05-29 12:57


i-Blue747 google earth.jpg (116,502 bytes)
i-Blue747 google earth.jpg (116,502 bytes)

2011-05-29 12:58


i-Blue747 GGA.jpg (111,209 bytes)
i-Blue747 GGA.jpg (111,209 bytes)


2011-05-29 13:00

reporter   ~0001605

Hello and thank you very much for the qualified response.

Seems like the issue would sit between the keyboard and the chair again.

I appended the menu screens for i-blue 7474 8just for records), I will test what you recommended me and I will let you know. Allow me few weeks for my response please.

best ragrds


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