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0000873GeoSetterImage Datapublic2011-09-13 20:53
ReporterFixB Assigned Toheiko  
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Product Version3.4.21 beta 
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Summary0000873: Some of my gpx files are readable, others keep getting the msg of invalid track file
DescriptionSome of my gpx files are readable, others keep getting the message : "You didn't select a track file or your selected track file doesn't contain any coordinates including date time information".
I can't tell why some work and some don't.

A gpx file is joined as an exemple...

Thanks :)
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2011-09-02 15:05


20110810_vol.gpx (169,745 bytes)


2011-09-05 21:05

developer   ~0001661

the attached GPX file is working without problems on my system


2011-09-05 22:14

reporter   ~0001662

Thanks for looking into my problem.
Any idea why it does not work on my system?
Could it be because of an option in geosetter parameters?


2011-09-05 22:43

developer   ~0001663

I assume that you get the error message when trying to synchronize your images with the gpx file. Are your sure that the gpx file is loaded?

The error message says that the gpx file is not loaded or has not enough data. The gpx file is ok (coordinates and time is available), therefor I think the file is not loaded ..

My track files are normally in the same directory as the images; in the standard configuration GeoSetter will load these tracks automatically. If you have another sorting of your files you can load the gpx files in the synchronisation dialog.


2011-09-10 12:52

reporter   ~0001664

Thanks for your answer.
I just tried to put the gpx file in the same directory as my pictures, using then 'synchronize with tracks in the current directory'... bu the result is the same :(
I'm using windows 7 64. Could this be the problem?


2011-09-10 23:01

developer   ~0001665

I'm also using Win 7 64 Bit. Therefore this is not the problem.


2011-09-10 23:11

reporter   ~0001666

Tried uninstalling and reinstalling geosetter: no change :(


2011-09-10 23:16

developer   ~0001667

Have you deleted all settings after the deinstallation? You will find these files in the following directory: <AppData>\GeoSetter

On Win7 <AppData> is C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming


2011-09-13 14:40

reporter   ~0001668

Thanks : it worked!
Don't know what I had done wrong ine my options, but it's working now.
Thanks again for your help!

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