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0000883GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2011-09-16 21:01
ReporterWoBinIch Assigned Toheiko  
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Product Version3.4.14 Release 
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Summary0000883: imatch calls geosetter does not work anymore
i used the imatch-script with GeoSetter V. 3.1.x....
It worked fine over a long time...

Now i updated Geosetter to the newest version 3.4.14.

The result is shattering .... I get a failure message from Geosetter which means: "Geosetter was started with unknown parameter."

I think that Geosetter changed/removed the parameter /Collection in the commandlinestring.
But now... what is to do? I did´nt find a parameter similar to /Collection?

Can somebody help?

Additional InformationLook also at this thread at imatch-form (last entry)
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2011-09-14 21:13

developer   ~0001669

I never heard from a parameter /collection, but when trying to start GeoSetter from the command line it works without error. Tried this with version 3.4.16 and with version 3.4.22 beta


2011-09-14 21:29

reporter   ~0001670

Sorry, i was wrong... I am using 3.4.16...

So this is a part of the script in imatch...

Const GEOSETTER_PATH As String = "C:\Programme\Fotografie\GeoSetter\GeoSetter.exe"
Const PARAM_FILE As String = "D:\temp\imatch_geosetter_params.txt"

and here is the content out of the imatch_geosetter_params.txt-file:

so i think, that /collection is the commandline-parameter to give the right images to geosetter...
Or am i wrong?

BTW: i did´nt find a possibility to download the latest beta? Where is the beta stored?


2011-09-14 21:54

developer   ~0001671

I've just created such a file manually and all works fine for. I can reproduce your error if one of the image filenames is not correct or some if of these files are missing.

you can download the latest beta here:


2011-09-16 20:53

reporter   ~0001673

so... i updated to the beta-version.

For whatever reason.... now it works fine...

So at this time you can close this issue...

Thanks for help

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