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0000888GeoSetterImage Datapublic2014-07-14 23:39
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Product Version3.4.16 beta 
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Summary0000888: Caption shows in Picasa when caption field in Geosetter is blank.
DescriptionWhen tagged image is viewed in Picasa the caption shows Camera make and type (eg SONY DSC) even though caption field is left blank in Geosetter. Is there a way to have no caption at all?

Many thanks
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2011-10-09 20:41

reporter   ~0001677


I have the same issue.

I tried to overwrite the ExifTool settings I thought were to blame for this but the "Use Additional ExifTool Commands after GeoSetter Commands" option inserts them before the values from the GUI so my values are not taken into account.


I will manually remove the caption setting but this is inconvenient.

Thank you.


2014-07-14 23:39

reporter   ~0002156


I'm sorry, I just now realized I sent the wrong command.

I now use in "Use Additional ExifTool Commands after GeoSetter Commands"

-description= -imageDescription= -caption-abstract=

Thank you.

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