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0000897GeoSetterImage Datapublic2012-02-26 01:37
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Summary0000897: Map View not using Proxy Settings
DescriptionOur network does not allow users to browse directly to the Internet, i.e. any browser must use the proxy server.

We have entered the proxy server informaiton into GeoSetter and Geosetter works fine but will not display the maps.

If I remove the restriction and allow the users to access the internet driectly then the map is displayed.

Basically the map component/viewer is ignoring the proxy server settings as our firewall indicates the system is accessing port 80 via the firewall, not the proxy.
Any ideas or settings we might have missed?
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2011-11-17 11:58

reporter   ~0001692

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Same procedure on our System. We found out, that not the proxy is the Problem. But the login window. Geosetter did not start the login username and password that allows the access to the internet.

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