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Summary0000910: Photos with negative GPSLongitude in EXIF not mapped in Geosetter
I´m trying to make a backup of all my flickr photos including the manually inserted geotag.
First I downloaded the original photos using Bulkr and checking the "Embed to photo EXIF" option (that means that my tags and geotags are included in the JPG files).

When I download a photo taken in, for example, Germany (e.g. GPSLatitude: 49.724, GPSLongitude: 11.061, both positive values) Geotagger will automatically detect where the photo was taken and place it on the map. Until here no problem...

BUT, when I download a photo taken in, for example, Mexico (e.g. GPSLatitude: 25.656, GPSLongitude: -100.287, one positive and one negative values) Geotagger will NOT detect where the photo was taken and will NOT place it on the map, EVEN THOUGH Geotagger can read the location of the photo (see attach photo).

If I enter the values per Hand on the photo of Mexico (25.656, -100.287), Geotag will then show it correctly.

The same problem happens with photos taken in, for example, Brazil (Lat: -18.312, Long:-49.072), where both values of GPS will be negative... or Australia (Lat: -22.431, Long: 133.564) where Latitude will be negative.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this issue?
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2012-01-04 22:35


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2012-03-21 23:55

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Negative longitude doesn't seem to be the problem. I went from El Paso, TX to Chihuahua, MX. The longitude is very similar (in your units -106) but El Paso area is tagged correctly and Mexico is not.

Example: 28 degrees 38 minutes 10 seconds N
          106 degrees 4 minute 38 seconds W
results in
   Sublocation: Chihuahua
   City: La Haciendita
   State: Colima
   Country: Mexico

Colima state is FAR FAR from Chihuahua.

Google maps puts it at Libertad, Zona Centro, Chihuahua, CHH, Mexico
which is exactly where I was.

All of the reverse geocoding for my Copper Canyon trip is incorrect. My cameras put in the GPS automatically. What I want is sublocation, city, state, country.


2012-04-25 22:10

administrator   ~0001754

As I see on negative.png GeoSetter does not recognize the coordinates of your image. Can you please send me the image to please?


2012-05-12 10:09

reporter   ~0001776

I got a solution that works for what I was looking, here it is:
1. download and install bulkr
2. buy the pro version (ca. 23 eur)
3. download all your sets, with the option "original files" and "embed data to exif"
4. download and install exiftool
if using windows you will need the "Stand-Alone Executable"
5. open DOS
in DOS go to the folder where you have your photos saved and enter the following text
exiftool "-gps:all<all" "-gpsdatestamp<gpsdatetime" "-gpstimestamp<gpsdatetime" *
6. exiftool will create a new .JPG for each of your photos and rename the originals to myphoto01.jpg_original.jpg
7. download and install picasa
8. open your pictures in picasa... and there you will find your flickr photos geotagged as you did in Flickr using flickr map...

this works for sure on windows, i think it should work also for mac and linux.. as with the exiftool what you are changing is the exif and xmp data from the jpg

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