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0000933GeoSetterImage Datapublic2012-04-26 12:00
ReporterJeff S Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Product Version3.4.16 beta 
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Summary0000933: Image data in CR2 File occasionally corrupted when saving
DescriptionI haven't been able to consistently reproduce this, but it's happening often enough that it's a serious concern. When tagging a large (0000027:0000050-100) group of CR2 files, syncing them to a GPX file, and then saving them, at least one file will have it's image data corrupted. Depending upon how you view the file you may actually miss the fact the file's been damaged. It doesn't appear to damage the embedded JPG, but the RAW data itself. I typically find the damaged images after importing them into Ligtroom, and the preview images are created from the RAW data. Sometimes it's easy to spot the damaged images if large areas are affected, but sometimes you have to look closely as only a small area is affected, and you could easily miss this.

I have samples of damaged files (and untouched originals) if you need them.

My workflow is to over-write the CR2 file(s) when saving, no backup created. I also find it takes an extremely long time to save files, yet at other times, file will save in an instant.

I have found that if I redo the affected image starting from the original CR2 file, there is a slight chance the error will happen again. Most times the redo will be fine, but I have had the second attempt be corrected in exactly the same manner as the first try.
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2012-04-11 20:37

developer   ~0001743

GeoSetter is using ExifTool to write changed data into the images. Perhaps you have a better chance to solve your problem in the ExifTool forum:

Jeff S

2012-04-12 13:12

reporter   ~0001744

So Geosetter is nothing more than a GUI to ExifTool for actually placing that data into the file? OK, that simplifies where the trouble might be.

Is there some sort of log file created that shows the actual command line(s) passed to Exiftool when I do a save? Just in case Phil Harvey asks.


2012-04-12 20:55

developer   ~0001745

I thing GeoSetter is more than a GUI for ExifTool because GeoSetter has some very usefully functions which have nothing to to with ExifTool

You will find the commandline which is used under "Images | Show Save Report"

Jeff S

2012-04-13 14:33

reporter   ~0001748

I'm sorry, I think you misunderstood my meaning. I did not mean to imply that Geosetter was only a fancy GUI to ExifTool, and I apologize if you thought so. I think the comment was "lost in translation". It was just my way of saying Geosetter was acting as a front end for ExifTook in this particular functionality. I realize Geosetter does a LOT more before ExifTool is called upon. Next time I see the error occur, I'll pull the log and contact Phil Harvey for his thoughts.

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