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0000942GeoSetterImage Datapublic2012-10-24 16:19
Reporteremalvick Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Product Version3.4.29 beta 
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Summary0000942: EXIFTool Errors
DescriptionIn attempting to save Data to files (DNG), occasional files will throw back errors that they are unable to be written or that they are missing.

The files are suddenly removed from the thumbnail list, or they remain with the appearance of all their metadata being removed.

However, the files are being written, to a point... I am able to recover the files with an extention of DNG_exiftool_tmp, and the files seem fine and have all the metadata that was supposed to be written. I noticed this problem in using 3.4.16 and now with this beta. Exiftool, I believe is the latest version (8.90?)
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2012-05-02 20:51

developer   ~0001769

in most cases the virus scanner blocks the renaming of the _exiftool_tmp files. You can test this by temporary disabling your virus scanner. But be sure to reactivate the virus scanner after this test!

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