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0000946GeoSetterImage Datapublic2012-10-24 16:18
Reporteralaxa Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Product Version3.4.29 beta 
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Summary0000946: strange beahvior when copying from EXIF tags to IPTC
DescriptionI don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but I have my photos with the many EXIF tags set and I wanted Geosetter to update the IPTC fields after its geotagging procedure..
I wrote this inside the "Use a exiftool command AFTER geosetter..."

-execute "-Comment<EXIF:UserComment" "-IPTC:caption-abstract<EXIF:UserComment" "-IPTC:ObjectName<Exif:imageDescription" "-IPTC:Headline<EXIF:imageDescription"

and what happens is that the exif:userComment goes to iptc:objectName and iptc:headline and worst, the exif:imageDescription is messed with the userComment. I checked running this directly to exiftool and worked fine
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2012-05-07 20:48

developer   ~0001771

I've took a test image and looked with ExifTool what data is in all the fields you've used with your ExifTool command. Then I've copied your command in the settings of GeoSetter, changed one field so I could save the file. Then I've checked the data fields and all was like expected.


2012-05-08 23:26

reporter   ~0001772

thanks for the replay
First, my images are almost complete because I put metadata with exifer/exiftools and Geosetter. So:
- usercomment is quite long
- imagedescription is short
- iptc:caption-abstract are same as exif:usercomment
- iptc:headline and iptc:title are exif:imageDescription
- xmp are set via geosetter instead...

I 've done many tests now:
1) in the CTRL-E panel imageCaption is loading exif:imageDescription if not XMP/IPTC data is inside the JPG. Ok, maybe it's your choice, I would have preferred exif:userComment
2) now that XMP is created internally, the imageCaption refers to XMP:imageDescription instead of IPTC:abstract again, maybe it's a choice

and maybe 1 ) and 2) are the problems
try to put a very long caption into the panel, then save

what happens to me is that EXIFs are now changed to what you are put inside Caption and in my case because it's a long text I get warning/errors

at the beginning my errors came out because I use those userComment very long
I checked keeping only exifs and removing iptc:all= and xmp:all=
I could save many times because Caption appears always short (but with exifTool it's correct) and when I put a long Caption then I got the errors

can you confirm? I can send a picture if you need


2012-05-09 21:21

developer   ~0001774

ok, I think Friedemann have to look at this issue

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