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0000952GeoSetterImage Datapublic2012-10-24 16:18
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Product Version3.4.29 beta 
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Summary0000952: Some of the file information entered using Geosetter can subsequently not be used with ArcPhoto
DescriptionI am using both Geosetter and ArcPhoto to prepare extensive photo material for further analysis in ArcGIS. I use Geosetter to add latitude, longitude and altitude as well as location information (country code, country, district, town etc.). In addition I manually define categories, key words, title and sub-title to each of the photos. After saving the changes, I convert the photos from nef to jpg and then load them into ArcGIS using ArcPhoto and create Photo layers. The problem is that the following information that I added in Geosetter is finally not contained in the ArcGIS layer: Category, additional categories, key words, title, country code, country, district, town. The respective features exist in the ArcGIS layer, but the information is missing. I would be grateful for any advice how to fix the problem.
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